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    Preliminary study
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  • Successful Cold Grid Feasibility Study in Upplands Väsby Municipality

    Elfström & Taflin Fastigheter AB, in partnership with SENS, has carried out a feasibility study concerning the heating of a new residential area in Upplands Väsby called Wijk Oppgård.

    The feasibility study has outlined which energy solution will prove most economical and environmentally sustainable for heating in the new area. The goal was – and still is – to identify a solution that will provide reliable and efficient heating over time, both for the property owner and tenants, but which will also contribute to a reduction in carbon dioxide emissions and give the suburb a strong eco-profile.

    SENS recommends a centralised, renewable energy store comprising a number of boreholes connected to a low-temperature distribution system (Cold Grid) consisting of uninsulated plastic pipes. The distribution network supplies a water flow with a temperature of around 10°C to the property's individual heat pumps, which in turn raise the temperature to between 45°C and 55°C.

    To retain the heat in the mountain, the borehole stores will be replenished using a dry cooler, which extracts heat from the air during the summer months.

    The recommendation presents a cost- and resource-effective solution which will give the area a strong eco-profile owing to reduced electricity consumption and reduced carbon dioxide emissions.

    If you would like to know more, please feel free to contact Shams Asamrai on +46 706 17 77 43.

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