Large-scale battery storage

SENS offers solutions for large-scale battery storage, both behind the meter together with renewable energy production but also as independent resources to be used for frequency control and grid stability. We can also help if you are considering installing batteries yourself, either as a project developer or with selective, expert knowledge.

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In a power system with an increasing share of production from weather-dependent sources, the need for stabilizing and flexible (so called dispatchable) electricity will increase drastically. To counteract the rapid changes that can occur when the weather suddenly changes, we see how storage will be able to help cut production peaks that does not match the demand. The other way around, it can also generate electricity when production is low and quickly change its use on the grid depending on the system's needs.

Batteries have in recent years gained an increased place in the electrical system thanks to their unique ability to control their consumption at the millisecond level as response to sudden changes elsewhere on the grid. This gives them a unique possibility to provide many different forms of ancillary services and tap into such markets. They can also be used to, for example, timewise move the production from individual solar parks etc. Doing this, you can optimize the income and sell the electricity when it gives the best return.

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Rapidly increasing revenues for frequency regulation

In recent years, the income opportunities in the Swedish frequency market have increased significantly. In 2021 alone, we saw an average increase in compensation of 175% per MW on the FCR-D market. If you want to know more about what this would mean in concrete figures - contact us!

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Batteries behind the meter – optimize your grid fee!

The batteries can also be placed behind the existing connection point on the electricity grid, for example by a wind or solar park. This way, it can be used for frequency control when production in the park is not at its maximum. Thus, the grid connection does not need to be increased, but the existing power level can remain. This shortens and the lead times significantly, while at the same time improving the business for the asset owner.

Are you a landowner and want to be involved in and contribute to the power system of the future, by leasing out land for battery storage?

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