Battery parks - a must for the green transition

SENS develops large-scale battery parks and battery parks play a decisive role in the green transformation of the energy system. We find ways to reduce dependence on fossil fuels and enable the transition to renewable energy sources. The battery parks contribute to solving the challenges.

Battery parks contribute to solving several challenges in the energy system by, among other things, storing excess renewable energy when production is high and releasing it to the grid when it is needed most, which creates an even, robust and predictable electricity supply. This flexibility makes it possible to integrate more green electricity into the energy system and accelerate the transition to renewable energy sources such as solar, wind and underground pumped power. The battery parks are thus an important factor in enabling green and sustainable development.

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Stora batterier i solnedgång

In an electricity system with an increasing proportion of production from weather-dependent sources, the need for stabilising and flexible electricity will increase drastically. In order to counter the rapid changes that can occur when the weather suddenly changes, we see how battery storage will be able to contribute by both cutting production peaks, contributing electricity when production is low and quickly changing its footprint in the electricity grid depending on the system's needs.

In recent years, batteries have gained an increased place in the electrical system thanks to their unique ability to control their consumption at the millisecond level. They can also be used to, for example, move production from individual solar parks and the like. In this way, you can optimise the income and sell the electricity when it gives the best return.

Solpaneler på ett tak i solen
Mätinstrument för el

In recent years, the income opportunities in the Swedish frequency market have increased significantly. In 2021 alone, we saw an average increase in compensation of 175% per MW on the FCR-D market. If you want to know more about what this would mean in concrete figures - Contact us!

Byggnader ovanifrån

Batteries can also be installed behind an existing connection point in the electricity grid such as a production facility, such as a solar or wind farm. The electricity production in a solar or wind farm is not constant, but varies with the sun/wind. A battery storage thus has the potential to be used to output power when production in the plant is lower. Thus, a battery storage has the potential to be used without changing the peak power output.

Are you a landowner and want to be involved in and contribute to the power system of the future, by leasing out land for battery storage?

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