Real Estate Energy Systems

SENS designs and develops energy systems that supply heating and cooling to property owners, property developers and energy companies.

A girl admires some solar panels

SENS’ solutions are engineered based on the properties’ specific conditions. We ensure that all the energy system’s components are utilized to their full capacity, and new components are added to minimize external energy provided to the property.

The solution is often based on geoenergy storage, with excess energy from the property stored in the ground and used when the need arises, thus reusing energy that has already been purchased.

SENS’ solutions are applicable to individual properties, but create added value if a block of properties interacts within a Local Energy System. This makes SENS suitable as a heating and cooling supplier in areas where multiple property owners or other stakeholders collaborate.

SENS’ Local Energy System produces a circular energy system that utilizes energy optimally - significantly reducing the need for external sources and resulting in reduced costs and an increased operating net for the property owner.

Our customers

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