Solar power

The electrical system of the future

SENS projects and develops large-scale solar power for the electricity system of the future, independently as well as in combination with energy storage. We work in the entire value chain from planning and calculations, to financing and project management. Our expertise is mainly in the establishment of parks and industrial rooftops, where we help our customers reduce their climate footprint by using their own, sustainable energy production. We also develop independent parks that work directly towards the electricity market.

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By combining solar power with energy storage, we can optimise the income from solar power production even in the electricity system of the future, where weather conditions have an increasingly greater impact on the price picture. These stocks can also be used to act on the frequency market, and thus improve the yield in the projects. This is a complicated and niche market, but we at SENS love frequency!

When the layers are installed inside the grid connection, together with the solar panels, these can also be used to create a local electricity system that is better protected against power outages. This can be vital for processes that are sensitive to disruptions in production and electricity supply. We at SENS help you develop a solution for a more sustainable and reliable electricity system.

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Are you an existing solar park owner? Look here!

Do you already own a solar park and want to increase your income opportunities? A solar power park in Sweden has upwards of a 15% capacity factor. This means that 85% of the energy that could be sent online is not used. This is capacity you pay for in network fees, but which does not generate any value for the owners. By installing a battery behind your network connection that is operated on the frequency market when production is lower, and thus generate good income for the park owner. Without paying more for the network connection!

We at SENS design, install and operate the battery together with our partners, so that your business can be optimized with minimal work from you.

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SENS can help you develop a solution for a more sustainable and reliable power system. Contact us and we will tell you more!

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