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Sustainable Energy Solutions Sweden Holding AB (publ), plays a decisive role in the transition to a fossil-free and CO2-neutral energy supply, by developing projects within the energy system area, into attractive investment opportunities.

With a focus on innovative development of renewable energy sources and large-scale energy storage, SENS contributes to increased supply security and improved capital utilisation within the electricity system. By integrating solar and wind power with advanced storage technologies, SENS provides flexible and planable energy solutions for large energy consumers, such as municipalities and industrial companies.

SENS has established itself as a prominent player in the energy sector by focusing on three core business areas: Underground Pumped Hydro Storage (UPHS), battery storage (BESS) and solar power (PV). Within these business areas, Underground Pumped Hydro Storage (UPHS) is central to SENS, which is essential for integrating energy production with storage. Battery storage and solar power function as a complement to this core technology and contribute to both strengthening and diversifying the company's energy solutions.

By developing these integrated systems, SENS contributes to ensuring increased supply security and optimised capital use within the electricity grid. The company creates value for its customers by offering advanced solutions for frequency regulation and grid stability, which are critical to meeting the challenges of growing electrification. SENS' competence in the entire value chain, from planning and designing, to financing and project management, strengthens the Company's ability to effectively support its customers in their efforts to reduce environmental impact and increase profitability.

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The rapidly increasing electrification of society means major technical challenges and very large investment needs

SENS develops sustainable energy projects for

  • large energy consumers such as municipalities and industries
  • industrial and financial investors in the energy market

SENS combines knowledge of renewable energy production, energy storage and infrastructure financing to

  • increase supply security, planability and flexibility in the electricity system and
  • optimize capital use when investing in the electricity system

SENS (Sustainable Energy Solutions Sweden Holding AB) offers solutions that enable the transition to a fossil-free and CO2-neutral energy supply both locally and internationally. SENS develops, designs, builds and sells large-scale energy projects by combining next-generation energy storage technologies: underground pumped storage (UPHS) and battery systems (BESS) with energy from solar and wind power.


SENS three business verticals

Underground pumped hydro storage plants

SENS has developed an advanced method of energy storage by utilizing old mines. By placing water reservoirs at different levels within the mine, we can store energy by pumping water up during periods of low energy consumption and then releasing it down to generate electricity when demand is high. This strategy guarantees a reliable and controllable source of energy that is essential for stabilizing the electricity grid during periods of variable energy production.

Underground pumped power station

Battery storage

SENS develops large-scale battery parks that are crucial for the green transition of the energy system. These facilities are critical to reducing dependence on fossil fuels and enabling a transition to renewable energy sources. By efficiently storing surplus renewable energy when production is at its highest and supplying energy to the electricity grid when demand increases, our battery parks contribute to a more even, robust and predictable electricity supply.

Battery storage

Solar power

SENS projects and develops large-scale solar power for the electricity system of the future, independent as well as in combination with energy storage. SENS works in the entire value chain from planning and calculations, to financing and project management. Our expertise is mainly in the establishment of parks and industrial rooftops, where we help our customers reduce their climate footprint by using their own, sustainable energy production. We also develop independent parks that work directly towards the electricity market.

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