Wind power

Increased need for wind power

In a short time, wind power has gone from being a force in the periphery to becoming an obvious solution for a large share of Sweden's future power production. In the annual report from Energiföretagen (2010), it was predicted that Sweden 2025 would have a total of 8,000 MW of installed capacity from wind power. Skip forward ten years, to the last quarter of 2021 alone, when more than 1,000 MW of wind power was installed. And there are no signs that the importance of the power source will decrease in the future, but rather quite the opposite!

Although the focus on wind power development at SENS is new, the market knowledge within the company's is vast. This includes solid experience from both the design and financing of large-scale wind power projects. This experience means that we are well aware of the lengthy processes involved in developing projects within this sector. We therefore combine the business with green field prospecting together withg consulting activities in ongoing processes, and taking over projects in different phases. Contact us so we can tell you more about how we can help you as a project developer, in all the different phases of the project.

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Wind power owners - look here!

Are you an owner of a wind farm and want to expand your income opportunities? A land-based wind farm has up to 40% in capacity factor. This means that 60% of the energy that could be transmitted by the grid is not used. This is capacity you pay for in grid fees, but which does not generate any value for the owners.

Nine tenths of the time, a normal wind farm produces less than 85% of its installed capacity. By installing a battery behind the grid connection, that is operated in the frequency market when production is decreased due to e.g. lack of wind. This way it can generate good income for the park owner. Without paying more for the network connection!

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Are you a landowner and want to be involved in and contribute to the power system of the future, by leasing out land for battery storage?

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