Blaming the market is like “High Chaparral”.

28 february 2024

There is an urgent need for change when it comes to the green transition, especially in energy storage. Despite progress, there are obstacles making it difficult for companies to reach their goals.

We see an urgent need for improvements in the Swedish infrastructure for renewable energy,"
says SENS CEO, Henrik Boman.

According to him, the current situation of the infrastructure for renewable energy is below criticism. The lack of fast and efficient permitting processes for energy storage projects hinders the industry from meeting the growing demand for renewable energy.

"The permitting process must be fundamentally reconsidered. The current system is not adapted to the speed required, to achieve our climate goals. It is high time to consider significant reforms to promote a more sustainable energy transition," says Henrik Boman.

Requires support

He also points out uncertainties regarding costs and pricing applications for grid connections, which prevent effective planning and implementation of projects for private companies. "We have many projects, but it also requires support, not only from grid owners, but also from the authorities. And by that, I don't mean financially, but through predictable regulatory management," says Henrik Boman, adding, "Blaming the market is like High Chaparral. It's an easy way to bury your head in the sand.

Demands for action

SENS has successfully established its position as a leading actor in the green transition. By focusing on three crucial areas within the energy sector – solar parks, battery storage, and underground mine storage – the company has proven to be pioneering by effectively integrating these three components. However, without support from the government and other stakeholders, it becomes challenging to accelerate the transition to renewable energy. "We do not see enough concrete actions from the government that actually promote a greener transition," he points out. "More than just words are needed to drive the change we need to see. We demand an understanding and a priority for this type of investment in Sweden.

SENS wants to set a green example

Despite the challenges, SENS remains optimistic about future developments but emphasizes that significant changes are needed in the political and regulatory landscape to stimulate innovation and progress in renewable energy.

"Despite obstacles, we try to maintain a high level of activity and create opportunities with partners. For us, it's about continuing to dare to complete projects and set a green example," concludes Henrik Boman.

About SENS

SENS (Sustainable Energy Solutions Sweden Holding AB) offers solutions that enable the transition to fossil-free and CO2-neutral energy supply both locally and internationally. SENS develops, designs, builds, and sells large-scale energy projects by combining next-generation

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