The Trinity that Precedes with a Green Example

1 february 2024

Sustainable Solution Sweden Holding AB (SENS) has established itself as a leading player in the green transition and has a significant presence in the energy market across Europe. Through their work with solar parks, battery storage, and mining storage, they strive to be pioneers in the green energy transition.

In recent years, energy issues have risen higher on the political agenda. However, the focus has been on the potential electricity shortage rather than energy storage, which, according to SENS CEO Henrik Boman, is the wrong approach. He believes that the future lies in large-scale long-term energy storage.

-“Energy storage is crucial for the green transition. While we have a strong focus on wind turbines in Sweden, which is beneficial when they are spinning and generating electricity, the challenge arises when they are not. Long-term energy storage is essential because it enables the use of renewable energy even when the wind isn’t blowing or the sun isn’t shining”.

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Building on a Trinity

SENS has successfully cemented its position as a dominant player in the green transition, not only in Sweden but throughout Europe. With a focus on three critical areas within the energy sector – solar parks, battery storage, and underground mine storage – they have proven to be industry pioneers by bridging this trinity. One of the company’s most notable achievements is the development of conceptual solutions for mining storage. This technology allows them to integrate energy production and storage in a way that few other players can. Currently, SENS is actively engaged in the Värmlandsgruvan project in the Filipstad municipality. -Värmlandsgruvan Project: SENS has secured an agreement to repurpose the Värmlandsbergsgruvan, which was the last active mine in Värmland and closed in 1980.

Reopened in 2022 for SENS’ purpose, the full-scale facility is planned to have a capacity of 20 MW and 40 MWh for underground energy storage. The ongoing pre-studies also consider environmental aspects, says Henrik Boman.

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Green throughout the chain

Environmental aspects are a priority for SENS across all their domains. They strive to be environmentally conscious throughout the entire process, with the ambition to minimize negative environmental impacts. Henrik Boman hopes that more companies and stakeholders will adopt the same sustainable and environmentally aware approach.

-It’s about setting a green example. Many companies claim to be green, but it’s crucial to follow up these statements with concrete actions. Otherwise, it risks being mere rhetoric, leading to a greenwashing label," he says, continuing:

-At SENS, we refuse to compromise on environmental friendliness, even if it takes longer or requires more effort. Our projects are based on genuine and sustainable work, avoiding quick fixes or unsustainable solutions. We aim to lead the way for other companies to steer clear of non-green alternatives.

SENS: Sustainable Energy Solutions Sweden Holding AB

SENS offers solutions that enable the transition to a fossil-free and CO2-neutral energy supply both locally and internationally. SENS develops, designs, builds, and sells large-scale energy projects by combining next-generation energy storage technologies: underground pumped storage (UPHS) and battery systems (BESS), utilizing energy from solar and wind power.

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