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Two out of five awards were to customers that SENS Consultancy developed the District Cooling systems for. 


At the recent International District Cooling and Heating Conference in Doha the 5th “Global District Energy Climate Awards” were revealed.

 Two out of five awards were to customers that SENS Consultancy (formerly known as Capital Cooling) developed the District Cooling systems for.

  • Best New Scheme – Lusail City; District Cooling system
  • Best Expansion – Tartu Estonia, Tartu DHC system    


SENS consultants helped the new city of Lusail to stay cool and comfortable

Lusail City in Qatar is a brand new planned city 15 km north of Doha in Qatar. In the summer months the outdoor temperatures in the shade reach 48 degrees. The cooling system is crucial for the nearly 200,000 inhabitants and up to 300,000 people working and visiting Lusail City.

Marafeq Qatar is the local utilities service provider and started in Lusail with a blank canvas and went to build a sustainable modern city. SENS consultancy were involved from the beginning with feasibility studies, system optimization, business modelling, market plans and design. We also acted as main consultants for Marafeq Qatar in setting up quality standards for design. One first step was to build up the hydraulic model for optimization of the system design.


Marafeq Qatar became a member of Euroheat and Power in the process

Lusail district cooling system is the first of its kind in the Middle East (ME) that fully adapted to the EN253 quality standard of directly buried pre-insulated distribution pipes. The system is one of largest in the world. Marafeq Qatar saw the need of secured and high quality for the over 80,000 meters of DC pipe system length.

As a result of Marafeq Qatar quality standard requirements local ME suppliers of pipes also started EN253 certification of their manufacturing of pipes. The guidelines for certification is issued by Euroheat and Power. This also resulted in Marafeq Qatar being the first ME member in Euroheat and Power.

Marafeq Qatar won the prestigious category of best New Scheme for the Lusail City DC system, this is the O&M Directors remark:  

“Being part of a huge project that will supply chilled water to Lusail City through an integrated network with a connected cooling load exceeding 500,000 tons of refrigeration (TR) by using multiple chiller plants with total capacity of approximately 336,000 TR, is as an amazing opportunity for everyone who works at Marafeq Qatar. We will be working in parallel with Qatar’s Vision 2030 for sustainability, hence receiving this award conveys the hard work time, and effort that was spent by everyone at Marafeq Qatar to achieve this project.”

Abobaker Al Hadrami, Operation & Maintenance Director, Marafeq Qatar

SENS remark: 500,000 TR equals 1,960 MW of cooling load.


Out with the old Soviet heating system and in with modern DHC (District Heating and Cooling)

Initially the New National Museum in Tartu planned for a stand-alone energy supply. SENS Consultancy came up with an alternative business solution. A DC (District Cooling) system was designed for connection of more customers buildings. We are proud to have designed the first modern DC-system in Estonia and the first of its kind in the Baltic states. Fortum Tartu did also replace the old Soviet build heating network with a modern District Heating network.

The development of DHC awarded Fortum Tartu the 5th “Global District Energy Climate Awards” 2017 in the category “Best Expansion”.

“We are really pleased and honoured to get the Award of Excellence in the category Expansion. This is a remarkable recognition to our brilliant colleagues, loyal customers and supportive city municipality. Great things happen always in cooperation towards common goal. Our goal has been “For a cleaner Tartu”. Over the years Tartu DHC system has undergone several changes and technology upgrades, becoming from Soviet time district heating network to well-functioning, sustainable, clean and efficient DHC system. This Award shows that our efforts have gone to the right place and we will continue to make Tartu DHC system even better.” 

Margo Külaots, Head of DHC Estonia Fortum, Chairman of the Board Fortum Tartu


The DC success in Tartu has now lead to more Baltic DC projects for SENS Consultancy

 The second DC system in Estonia for Fortum Heat is now under construction in Pärnu. SENS Consultancy are currently involved in more feasibility studies for Fortum Heat.

We also should mention that we currently are working with DC development in Aalborg, Denmark.

SENS Consultancy are naturally also active on our home market in Sweden with interesting natural cooling based DC systems developments for Norrenergi, Söderenergi and Sollentuna Energi och Miljö.