SENS Konsult. För en bättre energiaffär och bättre miljö.

Project management with focus on energy and operations development for energy and real estate companies

When you hire SENS for project support, you always get a person with extensive specialist knowledge in the energy field. Our consultants bring experience, unique toolboxes and their networks to solve tasks fast and efficiently. We are proud to say that we have recurring assignments from both energy companies and real estate companies. Don’t hesitate to get in touch with Mr Anders Rubenhag, +46 70 617 77 24 for references and queries about available consultants.

It is easy to develop your energy business with SENS

We always start from the risk and reward perspective. The implementation is carried out, managed and evaluated in a way that minimises time spent and puts focus on improvements. This attitude enables us to put forward a slightly different model for our remuneration. We strive for a model that is in sync with your goals. In other words, we are not afraid to share risk and reward with you, but we also welcome pure incentive models where we only charge for the profitability we deliver.

Here are some examples of our services:

Project Management

Project managers with unique analysis tools and resources. Through our own product development you are sure to receive the latest knowledge and ideas.

  • Project management. Our consultants work with proven and well defined development and establishment processes which cover all the phases from early investigation through design and construction all the way to management. We place particular emphasis on integration of customer and market with the chosen technical solution.
  • Specialist, thermic energy. Our expert teams combine practical know-how with innovation skills and analytical methodology. They present your options depending on chosen criteria and will recommend a solution in line with your demands concerning level of investment, cost of operation, environmental aspects, accessibility and flexibility.

Operational and business support

Our consultancy aims at supporting energy companies and real estate developers to speed up and safeguard product innovation and conversion processes.

Thanks to our considerable experience, we are able to help energy companies and property developers to better understand each other. For example, clear descriptions of how different demand patterns from a specific client installation can affect the annual costs for heat and cooling deliveries, and also make comparisons for alternative solutions.

  • Audit. If you want to try new ideas or change your existing energy business, we can offer proven and well defined developmental and establishing processes that provide reliable prognoses from both a risk and reward perspective.
  • Effect revision. With today’s price models for district heating and cooling, we perform an annual revision of your or your clients’ demand profile. SENS have created an efficient process that produces the basis needed to ascertain the pricing for individual customer installations for the upcoming period. This information can also be used to make the next annual budget.
  • Calculating. We can provide you with business tools through our client portal. There you will find calculation spreads for heating and cooling, tailor made to reflect the local conditions in terms of climate and pricing for heating, cooling and electricity.