International References

With hands-on experiences from realisation of projects in Sweden, Amsterdam, Doha and Honolulu SENS International has the experience of working in different cultures and to combine the best practices from different markets. SENS International focuses on maintaining a professional attitude and relationships with clients, community leaders and public groups and locals.

SENS International has provided engineering and consultancy services as well as project and business management to a large number of companies and projects in Sweden and internationally. One of the major current projects is located in the province of Hebei, China where SENS International has conducting a combined district heating and district cooling feasibility study.

SENS International is also currently assigned for business analyses and district heating pricing strategy for several Swedish utilities.

Future challenges

A changing business environment scheme can offer a competitive alternative to individual technologies – both conventional and renewable. By connecting demands in different buildings through a network it can offer a flexible and resource efficient way to provide services over time. However successful district energy projects need to be developed in a manner which can handle an incremental step by step approach – selecting and implementing the right business steps.

Other reference projects where SENS International has been an instrumental part in the development of new district energy systems are Zuidas and Zuidoost-Lob in the Netherlands, Kristianstad, Halmstad, Stockholm and Gothenburg in Sweden, Lusail in Qatar and Honolulu in the U.S.

List of International Projects and example of Swedish District Energy projects where Capital Cooling has been acting as management or management support.

Stockholm, Sweden

Halmstad, Sweden

Lusail City, Qatar

Kongens Nytorg in Copenhagen, Denmark

Marafec, Qatar

Honolulu, Hawaii

Gothenburg, Sweden

Development zone, China


REnewable Smart Cooling for Urban Europe (RESCUE)