SENS is leading experts in district cooling and sustainable energy solutions

SENS stems from a merger between Capital Cooling and SEEC and has the ambition to become the most innovative supplier of thermal energy systems in Europe. The company is based in Stockholm, Sweden and can relate to an extensive reference case list. SENS International is established as a subsidiary to canvass for asset based projects.

SENS boasts a management team with lifelong experience from working within the energy, real estate and consulting sectors in management positions. Within the team some of the worlds leading experts in district cooling and business developers of energy related projects are to be found.

SENS International

SENS International develops and invests in new district cooling projects. The management team collectively posses over 100 years of solid knowledge in financing development and marketing of large international infrastructure projects. In addition to providing system solutions based on products and services, SENS exploit stand-alone asset-based projects. Such projects may be brownfield or greenfield, based on project financing, where SENS will retain an interest through equity, carried interest or operational/management agreements.