Let summer handle the heating.

Reduce the need for purchased energy

The Balanced Property by SENS is a patented system for energy storage that makes it easy, sustainable and profitable to save some summer for the winter, and some winter for the summer.

Nothing goes to waste and thanks to our control system, we can regulate heat and cold in real time for optimal effect.

If you can offer the right combination of heat and cold in an efficient way, it won’t only please your stakeholders, it will please your tenants as well. With SENS’ geothermal energy storage, the excess energy from the property can be stored underground and used when needed.

In this way you can also optimise the need for purchased energy. Excess heat is stored in summer and used for heating in winter and the reverse is also true. The end result is a considerable reduction of the need to purchase energy for heating and cooling, which, needless to say, saves money and creates a better operating profit margin.