Save some summer!
Winter is coming.

The heat of summer works wonders in the cold of winter

SENS offers a new concept for the energy sector: a geo-based thermal energy storage. With our unique system solutions, we have been able to refine the storage and, by using our patented technology for automatic control, we can optimise the energy storage, control the flow and reduce the peak load. All this combined makes the delivery of district heating 100 % fossil free.

Increased profitability in a sustainable way

By using existing production resources more efficiently we can reduce the operating costs. This is an area that has great potential to reduce resource consumption and increase profitability.

Our own patents and proven technology

Through the proven BTES technology, which has been refined and developed by SENS in the shape of patented control of energy zones, it is now possible to store excess energy in large energy storage facilities at a low investment cost.