Share energy storage with a cold grid

By the virtue of SENS’ smart thermal energy storage, housing and commercial properties can be heated and cooled with the stored energy in the ground. Excess energy is stored in summer and used in winter. But winter is not only consuming energy; the low temperatures can also be stored to be used to cool down in summer.

By storing energy in the ground, several different properties can be heated and cooled through the same distribution net. We use a so called Cold Grid (approx. 10 degrees Celsius), which can be used for heating or cooling straight away through local heat pumps in every household or property.

The advantage of distribution at a low temperature is that there is virtually zero energy loss. In our minds Cold Grids are the future of district heating. It is a great way to reduce operating costs, increase the operating profit margin and offer better solutions to property owners and tenants. For private and commercial property.