SENS supplies sustainable energy solutions

SENS was born in the merger between Capital Cooling and SEEC. Two companies that complement each other perfectly when it comes to providing energy solutions for heating and cooling. Our energy solutions are both sustainable and highly efficient. Yes, it can be done if you use the natural cycle over the year by harvesting heat in summer and cold in winter. This cycle returns every year, which makes our solutions ideal for long term returns. Essentially, we offer sustainable energy business for both energy companies and property developers. In our mind, the smartest solution is the best. IT’S WHAT MAKES SENS!

SENS’ view on efficiency and sustainablitity

The energy market is changing fast. De-regulation, increased competition and globalisation are rewriting the rules. This creates great challenges in terms of efficiency, competition and ability to answer to changing customer needs. SENS’ combination of technology and business acumen give us a quite unique position in this business. We can help you all the way from intention to completion or, if you will, from the heat of summer to the cold of winter and back again.